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At Silver Backlink, we are the only guaranteed Google News verification service or 100% refund.

We work with clients to help them get their stories published on Google News and increase their online visibility.

Our unique value proposition is our quick and easy submission process, as well as our expert team of journalists who can help clients fine-tune their stories for publication. Our mission is to help businesses and individuals get the most out of Google News, and our vision is to be the go-to source for news verification services.


Hey JT,

Thank you so very much for your service setting this up for us. We would have given up without you!

Kind regards, Robin



JT was wonderful to work with. Communication with him was fast and clear. He’s clearly an expert in his field and worked hard to get the result I wanted.



Laura Olds apieceoftravel.com
Laura Olds

This is a paid review:
1) The seller did His trick in under 3 days it was approved.
2) The links index super fast.
This is an exceptional service and very glad he’s here. All the best to you! (Verified)


Mr Positive BHW VIP member
Approved now, awesome service, super good communication and very helpful. Thanks for my review copy , ++++ (Verified)


Spotimaster1 BHW VIP member

Took him 3 days. literally 3 days and my site was listed on google news ready to go. this is a big trust factor in google eyes.
@gowiththeflow is great to do business with.
I was so happy that i went ahead and placed an order for another site of mine. again, took him onyl 3 days. im a happy camper. not much else to say
If you want your urls to index, since many of you have this issue, this is the service to get!
Great working with you! (Verified)


Lifehero BHW VIP member

Got a review copy from the @gowiththeflow!

Communication with him was great. TAT was 3 days. I make some tweaks on the site so it can easily be accepted in google news. OP did his magic and in less in 3 days it got approved. This site is in the German language. I post 2 posts both got indexed in mins.
I just give him access to the google search console.This is great service, highly recommend. If you have problems with indexing this is your solution!

Thanks for choosing me for a review copy! (Verified)


Zakhej BHW VIP member
My site got approve within few days , so I hope it turn out good and boost my ranking etc. (Verified)



Milagro BHW Power member

Bought this service. Got my site verified in 5 days, wow. I posted an article and it indexed in 30-45 minutes. Not instant but very fast.
Good job! (Verified)


Deadlight BHW VIP member
The process was straightforward — I messaged him in advance via skype, briefly talked about the sites I wanted verified. He said they would be no problem. I paid. He sent me some instructions as soon as I finished them the sites were verified in 5 days.
Good seller and was easy to communicate with. I might develop a larger project to work with him on as this could be a great opportunity. At least I see a lot of potential here. (verified)


Roundtablemaker BHW VIP member

I just can’t believe my website is now Google News Approved within 8days approximately.
Perfect. (verified)


LittleGIG BHW VIP member

Great service! Highly recommended!!!

Communication was smooth. My money site got verified in 3 days (Turnaround time). All I did was provide my website logo and categories for the WordPress site. I always wanted to be on Google News since my main competitors are. They can get off their high horses now.
Thank you very much! (verified)


Sandandkush BHW VIP member