Foundation Link Packages (Niche Edits)

Niche edits are our bread and butter. We help you secure the links that you deserve within existing content.

The content already exists, and usually has done for many months, or even years, which ensures you get a link from a post or page that has aged well and has become authoritative in its own right. Niche edits are the foundation of our 50 site portfolio, and we practice what we preach.

Here’s our two-step process for success:
  • We identify a relevant post for you, based on the metrics you have ordered.
  • We then reach out and try to secure a link placement within the post.

These links are considered the holy grail of all links – since they exist on pages that have already garnered authority within Google’s index.

Give us a try, we’re confident we’ll be part of your SEO strategy moving forward.

Looking for samples? Here you go.


Niche Edits?

“Niche edits” refer to a specific type of SEO strategy that involves acquiring backlinks by editing or adding links to existing content on other websites within a particular niche. Instead of creating new content or pages for link placement, niche edits involve finding existing, relevant articles, blog posts, or web pages and adding a link to your own website within that content.

The process typically involves identifying suitable websites or pages within your niche that already have established content and reaching out to the website owner or webmaster to negotiate the addition of your link into their existing content.

Niche edits can be seen as a way to acquire backlinks more quickly and easily compared to creating entirely new content for guest posting or other link-building methods. However, the effectiveness and impact of niche edits on SEO can vary for several reasons:

  1. Quality of Existing Content: The quality of the content on the target website matters. Links inserted into low-quality or irrelevant content might not provide much SEO value and could even be seen as spammy.
  2. Relevance: Relevance is crucial in SEO. Ensuring that the content where your link is placed is contextually relevant to your own website’s topic or industry is essential for the link to carry weight in terms of SEO.
  3. Authenticity and Natural Link Building: Search engines value natural link-building practices. If the niche edits are done in a way that appears unnatural or manipulative to search engine algorithms, it could potentially lead to penalties or a lack of SEO impact.
  4. Risk Factor: Niche edits, especially when done without due diligence or by utilizing black-hat SEO practices, could pose risks to a website’s SEO health. It’s important to be cautious and adhere to ethical SEO practices to avoid penalties from search engines.

Ultimately, while niche edits can be a part of a broader link-building strategy, it’s essential to approach them with care and focus on quality rather than quantity. Prioritizing relevance, authenticity, and ensuring that the links are added naturally and ethically within the context of the existing content is crucial for them to have a positive impact on SEO.